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Radio interviews:

  "Gateway to the Underground" CKXU 88.3 FM Lethbridge January 4, 2017
  "Behind The Music" AVA Live Radio, December 28, 2016 
 • "Electrifying Mojo Association" CJSR 88.5 FM Edmonton, April 2014

Edmonton Journal

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Like a field of beautiful, charging horses, the seventh annual Edmonton Music Awards nominations have been released — catchy roots-pop trio Scenic Route to Alaska being the luckiest ones with seven nominations (if we count the online-voted people’s choice award).

Ranging from Mallory Chipman’s jazz to the balls-to-the-wall metal of Striker, the list of this year’s nominees proves once again the city is no one-hick pony, as Ruth B’s breakthrough artist Juno win this week underlines.

While Ruth B isn’t on the nominee list below, the female artist of the year category couldn’t be more inspiring, including Nuela Charles, the hard-working Amy van Keeken, Ann Vriend, Eva Foote and Billie Zizi.

The mighty Arlo Maverick, Dan Davidson, Jay Gilday, Martin Kerr and the talented Mohsin Zaman fill up the male artist contest.

Group of the year is familiar but strong like the Hulk with nominees Striker, the Dungarees, Scenic Route, Royal Tusk and 100 mile house up for three total — including album of the year for Hireath.

Also shaking it up in that category are Altameda’s Dirty Rain, Royal Tusk’s DealBreaker, Scenic Route’s Long Walk Home and Striker’s Stand in the Fire.

This year’s awards features an important new category, indigenous recording of the year, of which organizers stated, “This has been something we have been working towards since our inception and we consider it an essential part of our celebration moving forward.” Nominated songs include Cindy Paul’s The Flight, Jay Gilday’s Alleys and Rocks, nêhiyawak’s Tommaso, Rellik’s The Hour (Mama’s Song) and Stephanie Harpe Experience’s pounding Rezz Rock.

The full list is below—sorry for not mentioning everyone up top—and as always a tip of the hat to everyone making music, whether or not you’re a nominee.

Last year’s big EMA winner was the Royal Foundry with married couple Jared and Bethany Salte scooping up three awards, including group of the year, single, and the music video prize. You can vote for the people’s choice prize here.

This summer’s gala, at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 29, will vibrate the walls at the Winspear Centre. Tickets will be available through the Winspear Centre mid-month, when this year’s finalized performers will be announced as well.


DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year Nominees

ANZU — Stereophonic (feat. Vissia)

Borys — 1920

Brother Octopus — Rebels (feat. A Gentleman’s Pact)

J-Hamz & Jaculator — I’d Do Anything (feat. Michelle Molineux)

Terrian — I’ll Remember

We Rave You

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Although they are doctors during the day, J-Hamz & Jaculator are professional DJ’s and music producers once the sun goes down. Also known as J-Squared, the duo has kicked off their career with a beautiful progressive house track titled “I’d Do Anything”. Featuring the stunning vocals of Michelle Molineux, the up-and-coming artists’ brand new track, as well as the other remixes part of the EP, has garnered a lot of success ever since its release.

Proving its success, the extended play was able to reach #12 on Beatport’s dubstep chart, #18 on the electro house chart, and #20 on the progressive house chart. After announcing a remix contest, artists such as Chicago-based Unkn0wn and El Salvadorian producer Chacon provided their magical touch to the original, which helped assemble quite a formidable EP.

J-Hamz & Jaculator’s original mix effectively brings a euphoric listening experience from start to finish. With their astounding melodies and well-designed progressions, it is no surprise that the track has gathered so much support. Along with Molineux’s performance, the track simply captivates the audience with its impeccable blend of instrumentals and vocals. Right at the middle of the song, a flurry of heavy synths and oscillating basslines also delivers a massive surge of energy and carries a club environment straight through people’s speakers.

One of the remixes from the EP comes from an upcoming producer named Unkn0wn. For this electro house remix, a vast amount of power is produced from the track’s towering drops. Bridging the two climatic sequences, a heavenly melodic progression is played, which perfectly balances the relaxing side and the electrifying side of the remix.

Switching gears to tropical house, Chacon creates an absolutely blissful remix of “I’d Do Anything”. From its superb melodies to its top-notch tropical sounds, this masterfully crafted remix is nothing short of amazing and is definitely a delight to hear right from the get-go.

The EP is out now and you can grab a copy here. Also, you can listen to the entire EP below including remixes from DrtyDncn and Simpsonill.


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Doctors by day, DJs/producers by night, best mates J-Hamz & Jaculator teamed up with accomplished performer Michelle Molineux to co-write their original progressive house track, “I’d Do Anything”. Digital Empire Records hosted a remix contest for the track and the winning remixes have also been included in the track package. The sound of “I’d Do Anything” (and its remixes) is impeccable: very crisp, very sold, and very clear – well, you get the idea. That’s the very first, non-negotiable quality I ask of any EDM track. J-Hamz & Jaculator get it absolutely right. If you love great melodic progressive house that builds into something energetic and explosive, you’ll love this track. “I’d Do Anything” is in the EDM heavyweight division, though what’s so captivating about J-Hamz’s work here is that it never bludgeons you with its brilliance.

As a producer, J-Hamz can create depth to the music that in my opinion so many other artists lack. His music isn’t just a catchy melody with a steady beat like so much of the genre has become. He can blend together sounds like the leader of a fine orchestra. The depth, feeling and chords of his synths produce a wall of sound that hits you with full force when you crank up the volume. And when the beat and effects work of Jaculator clicks in together with the rest, you will understand the track’s significance on an even higher level.

As for the vocals, there are only a handful of EDM divas that do everything right. What makes Michelle Molineux so special is the airiness and tone of her voice. I think the appeal is that EDM tends to swing from pulsating highs to almost a whisper at times. Not every vocalist has the finesse to compliment the swing. Michelle can pull it off masterfully, as her strength is her femininity. What does that mean?

Think of it like this. You’ve all seen King Kong. EDM can be likened to King Kong. It’s huge and it pounds and roars with high emotion. What happens to Kong when he sets eyes on the girl? He’s captivated. She calms the beast with her sweet tenderness, her delicateness. That is Michelle Molineux. I think this is evident throughout everything she does, but it is best portrayed in “I’d Do Anything”. The driving rhythms, soaring synths, pumping basslines, all coupled with Michelle’s affective vocals, make the drawdowns magical and it grabs you and whisks you to the top all over again.

The track’s remixes kick off with First place winner Unkn0wn’s remix, which manages to both glow and bang at the same time, and contains an impressively vibrant and uplifting build. Next up, is an ethereal and futuristic take by Portland duo DrtyDncn with a surprisingly gritty drop, followed by a beautifully-executed melodic dubstep remix by Simpsonill, and a warm and mellow remix by Chacon.

Prior to this release, J-Hamz’ original, “Until The End,” was released as a Beatport Featured Track in the Progressive House genre on OTW Recordings, and is currently OTW Recordings’ second best seller on Beatport. J-Hamz also produces a podcast for Freeminded FM, Real Recordz Netlabel, and FSC Radio.

Michelle Molineux is a triple-threat Canadian actress who made her film debut in 2007 and has played in numerous films, television shows and music videos, as well as having voiced for several cartoon series. Musically, Michelle has been received with enthusiasm in dance clubs and by local DJs, and has been nominated in many musical awards. She is currently working, on writing and recording her EP.


By The Wavs

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I hear printing. The sound of a printer running the page back through to print double-sided. Not sure why, but I love that as the opening sound. Then the melody begins and immediately I am thrown into summer, enjoying a party on the beach with “Until the End” playing in the background. That printing noise is still there, but again, it adds such a unique feel to the melody. It is finally phased out in favor of bass and percussion which keep my foot tapping while my mind drifts to a warm place with hot sand and ice cold drinks.

The vocals are easily noticed next, and boy are they fantastic. Michelle Molineux’s voice echoes across the space from your speakers to your ears and you can almost picture her laying down these vocals in some outdoor studio. This entire song screams summer and beach-front fun. I’m quite glad summer is fast approaching because I dearly want to blast this outside and start an impropmtu dance party somewhere. The vocals are light and airy to keep with the summer atmosphere of the rest of the song.

Nearly 3/4 of the way through the song and we are introduced to a breakdown of sorts where some grimy beats are laid down and the vocals change to match. I love how out of the blue it appears in the song, and then how the melodies return in a brilliant transition. It is almost as though it is a hidden gem you must listen all the way through to find. Check out the song for yourself below and make sure you look into more of J-Hamz' tracks as they will surely catch your ear.