I'd Do Anything EP

Beatport charts and college FM radio play for our I'd Do Anything EP!! Features the 4 winners of our Digital Empire Records remix contest and vocalist Michelle Molineux, and reached #12 in dubstep releases, #18 in electro house, and #20 in progressive house.

All preview/buy/stream links j2.lnk.to/iddoanything
Beatport btprt.dj/1SdFHMM
iTunes apple.co/2fgswKn
Spotify sptfy.com/2fHO
We're Shazamable!!

Until The End

J-Hamz' Until The End was released as a Featured Track on the Beatport Progressive House page and peaked as OTW Recordings' #2 best seller!! It's a catchy, summery, melodic, and uplifting yet hard-hitting progressive house track with original lyrics and vocals, and features accomplished singer/performer/actress Michelle Molineux.

All preview/buy/stream links j-hamz.lnk.to/untiltheend
Beatport btprt.dj/2ggEMi1
iTunes apple.co/2fgqiKU 
Spotify sptfy.com/2FIJ
We're Shazamable!!

What's Goin' On

J-Hamz' What's Goin' On is a heavy-hitting, vocoder-infused, dubstep-flavoured electro house track out on Amsterdam's Wolfrage Recordings!!

All preview/buy/stream links j-hamz.lnk.to/whatsgoinon
Beatport btprt.dj/2eFDHjn 
iTunes apple.co/2fYDl5a 
Spotify sptfy.com/1pG2
We're Shazamable!!